Pulse Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Series Lights, Rice Lights, Series Belts, Fairy Lights, Lighting Controllers all the stuff that you need to create the festive atmosphere in your home, office, party hall.

Series Lights

Series Light are available in sets of 50 / 100 and 300 Lamps. These lights use either 6V miniature lamps or LED's.
Typical Lamp spacing is 12" in case of 50 / 100 Lamp sets and 2" in case of 300 Lamp sets.

Series Light are available in the following standard configurations :

Rice Lights

Rice Lights are series lights with micro lamps. Typical lenghts include 100Lamps although larger lenghts are also avaliable. Rice Lights are available both with individual controller and without controller. The latter is used to create displays with steady lights or with an external controller which can control many lights at once.

LED Rice lights consume 10% energy of conventional rice lights. They are also safer. LED bulbs are make of break resistant plastic rather than glass and they generate very little heat, so pose little threat of fire hazards. LED lights also have more vivid colors.

Running Light Controllers

Multiple models are available in running light controllers. We offer controllers from single channel upto 36 channels. Output varies from 500W per Channel upto 10KW per Channel. We can also design chaser patterns according to your specifications.

Lighted Diyas

The modern interpretation of the traditional diyas. No Smoke, No Fumes and No risk of FIRE. Light them up all day long and quench your spritual thirst. Available in many forms in both revolving and steady models